More than 40 years experience in the business of antiques and fine arts

Jos en Carla Ott van Fine Arts in ZutphenSince 1972 Jos and Carla Ott have been active in the world of art and antiques. This evolved form a long family tradition that has been successful since 1890. Many years of practical experience have resulted in a great expertise and a broad international network.

The company has always focused on deals in a wide variety of objects, primarily from the 17th to 19th century and with a concentration on the 18th century, like furniture, clocks, paintings, sculpture, silver objects, Porcelain (Chinese, Japanese and European), Delft pottery, glass and ormolu objects. In short, everything you will find in an interior.

Numerous objects acquired from this company since the 1970’s can be found in museums and private collections, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Use this link for an overview.

They meanwhile ended their business activities, but only in some circumstances they can offer you specialized sevices such as valuations, mediations and advice for forming a collection.


A short history

The history of the Ott company began in 1890, the year that Vincent van Gogh died. Frans Ott, the son of a wood- and ivory-turner, set up an antique and fine art business.  

L.H. ('Leo') Ott

Turner of Wood & Ivory
F.J.H. ('Frans') Ott 
The company in Brummen ca. 1910

He chose to locate it in the east of the Netherlands. He settled in the idyllic village of Brummen on the through-road from Arnhem to Deventer. In no time at all, the setting proved to be an extremely good choice as there were many magnificent castles, country estates and fine town houses located throughout the area.

The business grew phenomenally, with a clientele from all over the country and abroad.  Furniture, paintings and other fine objects were bought and sold. He owned an extensive restoration studio with an enormous quantity of restoration materials.

When Frans died in 1928, the company was continued under the direction of his eldest son, Antoon. 

His brother, Frans Jr., who was fourteen years younger, assisted him in the business. After the Second World War, having survived the difficulties of the thirties, Antoon was quickly able to make the business prosperous once again. Around this time his brother, Frans Jr., also set-up an antique business in Brummen. In 1954, he relocated this business to the neighbouring town of Zutphen. When Antoon died in 1967, his business came to an end. However, Frans Jr. continued his company. 

A.L.H.A. Ott (Antoon)   The company Ott in 1955 Brummen nearby Zutphen, the Netherlands   Toonzaal A.L.H.A. Ott in Brummen 
A.L.H.A. ('Antoon') Ott
(Foto Brouwer Brummen)
The company in Brummen ca. 1955
(Foto Brouwer Brummen)
Upper showroom ca. 1955

Some five years later, in 1972, the then twenty-one year old son of Antoon, Jos Ott, picked up the thread of the business together with his wife Carla. Stimulated by Frans Jr.,  Jos Ott opened a gallery in Zutphen. They had for a long time a gallery in antiques and fine arts in a monumental building in this charming historic city, a building that for centuries has been known as The Golden Helmet.

On August 1st 2016 the business moved to the nearby historic town of Doesburg. Again we are located in a monumental building in the heart of the mediaeval centre, built ca. 1485, namely the former Stadsvleeshuis (city meat hall) at the Roggestraat.

The great knowledge of antiques and fine arts that Jos Ott had already acquired at a very young age was confirmed in 1977 when he became the youngest sworn broker-appraiser in art and antiques in the Netherlands at the age of twenty-five. Ott is one of the few remaining generalists in the Netherlands. 

Ott has participated in the Antique and Fine Arts Fair in Delft, the PAN in Amsterdam, the Art and Antique Fair in ‘s-Hertogenbosch and the Antique Fair of Belgium in ‘Tour & Taxis’ in Brussels.




Some pages from the guestbook ca. 1915 - 1930



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An impressium of sold objects